Weak immune system and repeated infections

Lena, weak immune system.

Becoming sick several times a month with sore throat fever and earache from the slightest cold or draft. Very hampered in regards to studies and work as she had sick days every single month. After the homeopathic treatment, which is repeated once in a while, she has not been ill. I have been following Lena for several years now, she has sent many other friends and acquaintances to me and it is still going well.

Bente, immunodeficiency.

Weak lungs, very susceptible to lung infections therefore often on antibiotics. Has received, among other things, the homeopathic remedy kali carb and since she started treatment two years ago, she gets fewer and milder infections. She is very happy with what homeopathy has been able to do for her so far.

David, sinusitis.

David, a tall and slim man in his thirties. Usually lots of joie de vivre and energy. Comes with a long-term sinus infection that has drained him of all energy and has lasted for months. Got the homeopathic remedy Tuberculinum 1M, based on constitution and specific problem. Follow-up after one week: completely amazed by the effect of the remedy. The next morning the sinusitis was 75% improved, two days later it was 95% improved. David was satisfied with the result of the treatment and a happy man.