Practitioner of Classic Homeopathy medl. FNM RAB Maj-Britt Brusati

Natural healing with Homeopathy

Some of my areas are: Improving natural fertility and resolving hormonal imbalance issues, resolving problems with recurring ear, nose and throat infections and recurring lower respiratory tract infections 

I offer online consultations internationally.

Your personalised homeopathic prescription can  be ordered in your local pharmacy or online.

Practitioner of Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy

I use homeopathic medicine to help you who want to be healthy in a more natural way. Homeopathy is a system of treatment that can relieve and treat physical, emotional and mental ailments. I help people with: hormonal imbalance, low immune system, stomach and intestinal problems, insomnia, depression, prolonged grief, anxiety, eczema and inflammation.

Under Reviews you can read, about a woman who got help for her depression and low self-esteem, a man who got rid of his sinus pains, a woman who got help for her migraines and a mother who got help for both physical and emotional issues for herself as well as for her son. Now she prefers homeopathy to any other treatment. During the consultation you will experience an approach to health and disease that goes deeper and further than most conventional treatment.

About me

I started my practice in 2010, after having graduated as a classical homeopath.
I am a member of the Danish association of Homeopaths (Forenede Naturmedicinere) and a registered homeopath. (RAB)
I was chairman of the board in the association of Classical Homeopaths in Denmark for 4 years.

Born in 1970

A homeopathic consultation explained

In my consultation you will experience an approach to health and disease that goes much further than most conventional treatment.

First part of the consultation I listen to your story. We will talk about your complaint, how you feel and your thoughts about your condition. Then I'll ask more specific questions about the development and character of your symptoms. As a homeopath I valuate your health problem in a context where how your complaint affects you as a whole person is equally important as the specific disease symptoms. This thorough questioning serves for me to understand both you as a person and the the dynamics of your disease and then through my knowledge of the dynamics of the homeopathic remedies be able to choose the specific remedies that mach your specific symptom picture. The aim is to trigger your body's own healing responses and thus creating a lasting cure or relief. The first consultation lasts up to two hours or more. Follow up consultation last up to one hour.

Client Reviews

Find few reviews in English - most of them are in Danish

Stress and anxiety helped with homeopathy

I live in California and with frequent travel to Copenhagen for work, I decided to seek the guidance of a Homeopathic Doctor due to increasing stress and lack of mental and emotional energy to get through the work day. I was also experiencing strong cramps in my abdomen which would not go away. Afte…

Grief and exhaustion

I came to Denmark two years ago and noticed how exhausted I was. I lacked energy and was very emotional due to my father’s death. Although I did not suffer from depression, I felt like I was not my usual self and was starting to dislike the kind of person I was turning into. A friend of mine suggest…

Homeopathy for depression

Depression is a long-term state of mind that must be treated with the necessary therapeutic knowledge and treated with consideration for your specific issues. Perhaps you are already being treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist and receiving medication, but I can probably still help you with homeopathy.
I have extensive experience in helping people with grief, anxiety and depression. Homeopathy is one of the few natural forms of treatment that really has something to offer in the area, it can strengthen and balance the nervous system and reduce unwanted thoughts so that the mind can find peace again.

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Homeopathy for sport injuries

Athletes love homeopathy
Football players, gymnasts and other sportsmen experience sprains, strains, overexertion and blows more often than other people do, and can therefore suffer from chronic pain. Homeopathy helps the body to heal injuries in different types of tissues and structures faster. I am giving you a regimen designed to heal the area you are injured. I help athletes with pain after old injuries. Are you in pain? Call or write for information about homeopathy for you.

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Repeated infections

Low immunity and repeated infections.

This is Lena's story
She was sick several times a month with sore throat fever and earache from the slightest cold or draft. Very hampered in regards to studies and work as she had sick days every single month. After the homeopathic treatment, which was repeated once in a while, she has not been ill. During the years Lena has sent many friends and acquaintances.

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Personal information registered at my clinic is not whatsoever sold or made available to third parties. All information is only available to me, Homeopath Maj-Britt Brusati.


Homøopati under epidemier, et historisk perspektiv

Homøopatiske midler kan bruges både forebyggende og til at behandle og lindre symptomer hos de syge. Her får du lidt historie om hvor gavnlig homøopati har været under tidligere epidemier samt gode råd til forebyggelse og behandling af virus.

Epiretinal fibrose behandlet med homøopati

Dette er en case fra min klinik, vedrørende en kvinde på 69 år med vækst af bindevæv i øjet. Diagnosen er epiretinal fibrose, som er en tilstand som der ikke findes nogen behandling for inden for konventionel medicin, og som medfører større og større…

Behandling af angst

Angst behandlet med homøopati. Mange kommer til mig for at få hjælp til psykiske problemer og ofte noget så specifikt som sygdomsangst. Det særlige ved homøopati er at det behandler ved sygdommens udspring.


Klinik for Klassisk Homøopati v/Klassisk Homøopat Maj-Britt Brusati
Lygten 2C, 3. sal
2400 København NV
Telephone: +45 28 13 65 54
E-mail: homeopat@brusati.dk
Monday-Thursday 8.30-17.00. Friday 8.30-14.00 by appointment

The clinic is located in bright and inviting premises centrally in Lygten in Nørrebro City Centre

How to arrive: By car, free parking (2 hours) at Nørrebro Bycenter's car park.

Public transportation: the clinic is located a few minutes walk from Nørrebro Station S tog st Nørrebro st. Metro and bus lines: 125C, 4A, 250S and 350S.


Klinik for Klassisk Homøopati v/Klassisk Homøopat Maj-Britt Brusati Lygten 2C, 3. sal 2400 København NV
Telephone: +45 28 13 65 54
E-mail: homeopat@brusati.dk