Acute illness

Homeopathy can work faster, more gently and effectively than very conventional treatment and I also find that homeopathy can improve conditions for which there is no conventional treatment, but you must see a doctor for acute infectious diseases or life-threatening conditions.

We do a follow up on the effect of the homeopathic remedy after a few hours or a few days, depending on how acute your condition is. You will receive a homeopathic remedy that you can continue to take as needed until the problem is resolved. If you live in Denmark all prices include the homeopathic remedy.  Outside Denmark clients will order their prescribed remedies in their local pharmacy.

Examples of an acute treatment course:

Treatment of acute toothache and tooth inflammation € 210
Pregnancy discomforts: nausea, pelvic loosening and symphysis loosening or other discomforts during pregnancy treatment and follow-up after two days € 210
Acute cystitis: treatment incl. follow-up after one or two days € 210
Acute sports injuries such as sprains, strains and pain after a stroke or concussion treatment incl. follow-up after two to three days € 210

Treatment of chronic illnesses

First consultation, 2 hours duration € 253
Follow-op after 4-6 weeks € 114

In case of a chronic illness, expect a serie of 3-10 treatments every 4-7 weeks. Some clients notice an improvement already after the first visit and it is of course you who decide how long you want to continue the treatment.

The aim of the treatment is first and foremost to cure the disorder and where this is not possible, the homeopathic treatment can strengthen the body so that there are fewer and easier outbreaks of a chronic disease.