Client Reviews

Client Reviews

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I came to Denmark two years ago and noticed how exhausted I was. I lacked energy and was very emotional due to my father’s death. Although I did not suffer from depression, I felt like I was not my usual self and was starting to dislike the kind of person I was turning into. A friend of mine suggested I go to a homeopath, but I was a bit dubious as I felt it was more guesswork than scientific. However, another friend told me that homeopathy worked well if the homeopath was a good one and I was recommended to go to Maj-Britt. I am glad I did.
Maj-Britt is very professional and capable at what she does, without losing the human factor. She raises the right questions, listens carefully and empathetically, and comes up with a well-researched remedy. She doesn’t guess. She follows through by checking for reactions, noting which works best for me, the individual, and adjusts accordingly. I feel like I am given a tailor-made regime that works with me and not against, that takes into consideration the whole of me and not just parts of me.
As a result of being treated by Maj-Britt, I have more energy and feel like I am becoming my usual self once again. I didn’t think it was possible, but I am so grateful for the changes Maj-Britt and the remedies have achieved for me in the past year.
I can warmly recommend both homeopathy and Maj-Britt as a practitioner for anyone who wishes to see results in their health.

Jessika Borg   4th February 2017

I live in California and with frequent travel to Copenhagen for work, I decided to seek the guidance of a Homeopathic Doctor due to increasing stress and lack of mental and emotional energy to get through the work day. I was also experiencing strong cramps in my abdomen which would not go away. After my first consultation and remedy prescribed by Maj-Britt, I noticed the heavy cramping in my abdomen went away the next day. This was a big relief for me. With a couple other follow up sessions with Maj-Brit, over a few month period (when I was in Copenhagen for work) and progressive remedies, I feel more and more at ease and happier and significantly better mental and emotional energy. I feel happy again now and the heavy feeling in my body and stomach/abdominal stress is gone. I also notice that I respond to stressful situations in a more relaxed way without panics.

Dan K.   Californien, USA