Sport injuries

Athletes love homeopathy

Football players, gymnasts and other sportsmen are exposed to sprains, strains, overexertion and blows more often than other people and can therefore suffer from chronic pain. Homeopathy helps the body to heal injuries in different types of tissues and structures faster. I am giving you a regimen designed to heal the area you are injured. I help athletes with pain after old injuries. Are you in pain? Call or write for information about homeopathy for you.

Quote: Peter Billigmann, sports doctor and head of the Koblenz Institute for Performance Diagnostics and Sports Medicine, in an interview with Spiegel's news magazine: "Homeopathic drugs have no side effects, no doping effect and the success stories are undeniable"

Professor Billigmam mentions that homeopathy is effective in reducing physical stress as a result of the exertion of exercise. There is faster healing after injury and impressive results achieved using homeopathy.

Quote: “I know that homeopathic medicines are used by many celebrities and their entire families. Following homeopathy has helped me immensely and boosted my confidence thereby improving my performance.” [21]

Marko Pantelic, Serbian Football Player